4 Benefits of All-Natural Wooden Teething Rings

4 Benefits of All-Natural Wooden Teething Rings

Excessive crying, red and swollen gums, crankiness, loss of appetite, flushed cheeks… Teething can start anywhere between 4 months and 10 months – and you’ll definitely know once it’s started! Our poor little ones become subject to so much discomfort and irritation during this painful little stage of their young lives. Luckily, we’re equipped with teething rings that can do wonders to help babies’ pain and discomfort during teething.

If you’re currently going through teething woes with your baby, we wanted to shed some light on one kind of teething ring that is both effective and safe – wooden teething rings!

1. Naturally antibacterial

Wood actually has natural antimicrobial properties and is therefore naturally antibacterial. Did you know this one? How cool is that?! Not only is it one less thing to worry about, baby teethers are constantly in babies’ mouths so this factor is especially important for a product like this one. As parents, we are constantly worried about germs around our babies so this aspect of wooden teething rings is a huge plus!

2. Chemical free and non-toxic

One of the primary benefits of opting for wooden teething rings over plastic or other popular baby teethers is the fact that wooden teethers are non-toxic and free from harmful leads, metals, BPA, chemicals or phthalates. We want our children to be as safe as possible by providing them with the safes and best products. The safety factor of these amazing wooden teething toys is a major benefit over traditional teethers.


Good news – most wooden teething rings for babies are made with beech wood which is uniquely sustainable in that it can be grown in renewable and managed forests! This means that more wood can be grown to replace the trees that have been used and cut down. Wooden teething rings are the best sustainable option for soothing babies’ gums!

4. Durable

Wood is far more durable that run of the mill plastics – which many baby teethers are made out of. The durability of these wooden teething rings makes them last longer, which in turn creates less waste from otherwise disposable products. This means that your wooden teething ring will far outlast any plastic or cheap teether you could purchase for your little one.

And there you have it – four awesome benefits of all-natural wooden teething rings for babies. There are plenty of baby teethers on the market, but many contain plastics, BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals that we certainly don’t want in our young one’s mouths! Hopefully we’ve shed some light on the amazing benefits of wooden teething rings. Not only are they durable and environmentally sustainable, they are also the safest bet for your baby for soothing those teething woes. To shop a range of lovely wooden teethers, visit online Australian-based retailer, Nordlife.


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